Highly Alkaline Foods

A diet with equal proportions of acid and alkaline foods can help to prevent diseases caused by an excess of acid accumulation, according to the book “The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods.” Alkaline foods have a pH greater than 7 and give up few or no hydrogen ions, which act to counter problems caused by highly acidic […]

October 24, 2010

Alkaline & Protein Foods

Your body responds to food in a number of ways, one of which is changing the chemistry of your blood either to more alkaline or more acidic. The direction in which your chemistry moves depends crucially on the foods you consume. As a general rule, fruits and vegetables provide the most substantial alkalizing effect; however, many do […]

October 18, 2010

Nutrition and Alkaline Foods

The concept of basic nutrition can be summed up as the balanced consumption of macro and micro nutrients, derived from the foods and beverages we consume on a daily basis. Micronutrients encompass the vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which your body needs only in minuscule amounts. These substances are powerful agents that enable the body to produce […]

October 13, 2010

Easy Alkaline Diet

The human body works hard to maintain a very strict internal pH balance. However, most of the foods Americans consume on a daily basis are acid-producing after digestion. This leads to a number of physical problems and even disease. Following an alkaline diet helps promote the natural pH balance that the body strives for while fighting […]

October 11, 2010

Foods that Alkalize

Acidosis occurs when the body’s pH is out of balance, according to “The pH Miracle.” Felicia Drury Kliment discusses in “The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet” that people are more prone to disease when their bodies suffer from acidosis and how creating an alkaline environment may protect against many diseases and conditions. The easiest way to alkalize […]

October 7, 2010

Eating an Alkaline Diet

An alkaline diet is a diet that facilitates optimum pH levels in the body through the consumption of appropriate foods. Just as acid-rich foods may be harmful and should be consumed in moderation, it’s important that alkaline foods are eaten with the same caution, as this diet is intended to be a sort of balancing act […]

October 2, 2010

Autumn Foods for Alkaline Diets

The Alkaline Diet, alternately called the pH Miracle Diet, or Young Diet, named after its creator Robert Young, is purported by the author to restore pH balance in your body. Your blood is slightly alkaline, or basic, with a normal pH level falling between 7.35 and 7.45. The Alkaline Diet says that our dietary choices should […]

September 28, 2010

How to Eat Alkaline Foods

Maintaining an alkaline diet is essential to avoiding the health risks associated with an unbalanced bodily pH. According to the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center, foods with high acidity levels give off hydrogen ions in water while forming salt in the body. While it is difficult to completely eliminate the presence of acidifying […]

September 28, 2010

The Healthiest Blackberry Tart

Blackberry Tarts Yield: 16 mini tarts Filling 1 cup raw cashews (soaked for min 1 hr) 5 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp lemon zest 5 tbsp filtered water + one tbsp 6 drops liquid stevia or 2 tsp agave syrup Tart Shell 1 cup raw almonds, optionally soaked over night 1 1/4 cup dried organic […]

September 9, 2010

Foods List for an Acid Alkaline Diet

When choosing acid or alkaline foods, we refer to how a food influences the body’s pH, (acid-forming or alkaline-forming), not the food’s actual pH content. This can be confusing since some highly acidic foods such as lemons have a more alkaline impact on the body due to digestive breakdown. The body’s average pH is 7.4, […]

September 2, 2010
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