evamor Bottle

Feel The Benefits

Alkaline-rich and alive with minerals that neutralize acidity, evamor helps you know better endurance, better recovery, better hydration, better relief, and a better, more balanced life. Read on to discover the five key benefits of drinking evamor natural alkaline artesian water:

  1. Detox

    It’s simple. Our bodies function better when our body pH is slightly more alkaline or neutral at least. When our bodies are acidic we do not have the ability to carry oxygen to all areas of the body, especially our brain. With every bottle, evamor’s natural alkalinity helps your body fight the acidity of today’s diet and lifestyle. That means, while you’re enjoying a delicious bottle of water, you’re also helping to fight the effects of the highly acidic modern diet. Increased dietary alkalinity reduces body fat and fatigue, protect bones, support the immune system, and achieve better overall health.

  2. Hydrate

    Any water will quench thirst, but evamor can do even more. The body loses water daily through sweat, breathing, defecation, and urination. Although every individual has a different level of hydration needs, the minimum daily amount is about thirteen cups for men and about nine cups for women.

  3. Acid Reflux Relief

    Those who suffer from heartburn, indigestion and reflux experience discomfort daily, and excess dietary acid over time can also cause issues like poor digestion, fatigue, high blood pressure, bone loss and premature aging. Drinking alkaline-rich evamor naturally and effectively helps reduce the burning feeling from occasional heartburn to more severe acid reflux episodes.* (Drinking water in general also helps with the digestive process.) Eating fresher foods and consuming evamor daily helps combat the long term effects of excess dietary acid.

    Check out our infographic from the study

  4. Restore Balance

    Your body’s chemical makeup includes two extremes – acid and alkaline, measured by a factor called pH. Leading biochemists and medical physiologists agree that pH balance is the most important part of a balanced, healthy body and overall well-being. evamor’s alkaline-rich mineral blend and healthy pH helps your body fight excess dietary acid. Which means that drinking evamor is one of the simplest ways you can restore that balance.

  5. Enhance Your Immune System

    By fighting your body’s acidity, evamor in turn supports your immune system and promotes overall well-being. Isn’t it time to get to know a better you?