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Dr. Aziz

Jonathan E. Aviv, M.D.

ENT Physician / Author of The Acid Watcher Diet

"What you’re eating and drinking plays a huge role. Reducing acidic food and drink intake and filling your diet with fresh, alkalinizing choices is key, and that includes which water you choose to drink. Some waters are actually acidic!"

Becky Fos

Becky Fos

Visual Artist

“...I begin every day by heading outside to activate my endorphins, which in return activates my creativity. Hydration is always key... I’ve always known about the health benefits of alkaline, therefore evamor has always been my number one choice of water.”

Derrick Joseph

Derrick Joseph

Elite Athlete / Fitness Trainer

“In my era, it was all about finding out how much your body could take before failure. Now we know that's not the best way to see results. I take into consideration the mental and physical well-being of my athletes. …A cold evamor after a hot summer field workout is the cure to any and everything.”

Ambassador robin barnes 2023

Robin Barnes

Jazz Singer & Community Fitness Leader

“Water is soooo important to my kidneys… I get dehydrated easily, especially before I started drinking evamor. I look forward to drinking it, the smooth taste of it. evamor was a lifesaver when I was pregnant, it helped a lot with acid reflux.”

Elizabeth Lyons

Elizabeth Lyons

Singer / Songwriter

“Staying hydrated is everything when I’m on tour! My voice is my instrument, so I must make sure I’m constantly drinking water throughout my day. I love evamor water because it goes down so smoothly and just tastes better than other water.”