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evamor® Ambassador Q&A: Brandt Quick

With a last name like Quick, Brandt has been a mover and a healthy lifestyle advocate since well before it was his actual career. Growing up in New Orleans, he was a star athlete and went on to play college football at Kansas State University before returning to his hometown to finish his football career at Tulane University. He founded BQuick Athletic Development, where he trained triathletes, weightlifters, and athletes of all levels focusing on speed, agility, and conditioning.

Today, Brandt combines his working knowledge of the nutrition and vitamin industry as a health coach, to help his clients live more fulfilling lives. He keeps evamor with him constantly, whether he's in the gym or spending the day with his family.

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Disciplined exercise and eating healthy is not always the easiest task, but you key in on the importance of a positive mindset throughout the process. How do you motivate yourself to keep this disciplined mindset on the tough days?

By creating habits through structure and routine, I can stay focused on what matters most to me– my health. Taking care of ourselves is paramount, and being the healthiest version of yourself will not only benefit you, but benefit everyone around you as well.

As a health coach, you help your clients work towards a healthy lifestyle. What part does hydration play in their journey and why do you continue to make evamor a part of your daily routine?

Healthy eating and hydration is one of the 6 macro habits of health. Our bodies are 78% water, and the average person loses around 0.5 to 1 liter of water per day just by breathing. So naturally, it's imperative to replenish those fluids. evamor is essential to that process. I choose evamor because it comes from a natural source and has helped my clients reduce acid reflux and inflammation in the body.

You often talk about the six pillars of health. Could you give us some insight into the pillars and how they might affect one of your client's health journeys?

The six macro habits (or pillars) of health that I practice are: healthy eating and hydration, healthy weight management, healthy sleep, healthy motion, healthy mind, and healthy surroundings. Each individual pillar is important, but It's necessary to have a balance of all of these for optimal health.

You work with people of all fitness levels – from those just starting to seasoned athletes. What is the one thing you see that can help someone be successful?

As I always say, we eat our way into shape. Fitness and traditional exercise certainly play a part in our overall health, but to truly make sure we're treating our bodies the right way, it starts with proper eating and hydration.

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