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Becky Fos

April 27, 2015

Mom, Artist & Healthy Lifestyle Advocate

A New Orleans resident by way of Austin, Becky Fos is a bit of a Renaissance Woman.   An everyday mom, Becky is a popular artist in the Big Easy with a streak of burning creative rivaled only by her daily goal of living a healthy lifestyle. 

Becky’s work is a force in a city known for its creativity.  Her art – which can be found in Becky Fos Gallery on famous Magazine St. – is a charismatic reflection of the bold energy and exuberant spirit that naturally emanates from the pores of all that is the lifeblood of New Orleans. 

And when she’s not painting or being mom to her son, Jude, Becky can be found in the gym working out, on a jog or killing a session of CrossFit. 

“Everyday starts with a workout for me.  It clears my mind and allows me to unleash the creative energy I need for whatever painting I may be working on at the time,” said Fos.  “It also gives me the energy to chase Jude around when I’m not painting!”

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Becky on her art: New Orleans is my absolute muse. I gather boundless inspiration from all corners of this wild, beautiful, gritty and colorful city thanks to its undeniably unique history and the spicy culture and vibrant people who live here, all which motivate me to create art. The amazing music that permeates the air here strikes a chord deep inside me. At live shows and music festivals I groove to the sounds that surge through my soul and leave me with no choice but to move. I’m fascinated by the interactions and impassioned expressions of musicians as they create their own aural art, and I attempt to transform the spirit of their song into visual art with my own instruments – oil paints, my pallet knife and my fingers. I am spellbound by animals and their mysterious complexities, from our family pets to the magical creatures that swim and fly around our waterways. I feel enormously blessed to live in New Orleans where every day is truly a celebration of life, and for me painting is the most authentic way to express myself.

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