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evamor® Ambassador Q&A: Derrick Joseph

Derrick Joseph is the lead trainer and founder of DeeJoe Fitness. A New Orleans native, Derrick has always embodied a love for sports and fitness. He was a top football recruit out of high school and was part of the 'winningest' class in Tulane University Football history.

Today, he helps athletes of all ages and sizes compete at the next level. Derrick has over a decade of experience in coaching, and has challenged countless athletes to improve their game by becoming better, faster, and stronger. Derrick works with elite athletes of the NBA, NFL, MMA, and PGA to keep their bodies strong and healthy in order to perform at their best.

Derrick is an important part of the evamor family, and we’re eager to share his story about a career in health and fitness. Read on to learn more about his path to success, and why he continues to keep evamor a part of his daily routine.

You’ve been an athlete your entire life as a standout football player in high school and college, and now as a professional trainer and founder of DeeJoe Fitness. It’s safe to assume you’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle, but how has your mindset and approach about health and fitness changed as you’ve matured?

I think my mindset has changed with the times. In my era, it was all about finding out how much your body could take before failure. Now we know that isn’t the best way to see results. In my gym I try to take into consideration the mental & physical well-being of my athletes. Do they need a recovery day? Would stretching and yoga benefit us more today? Of course when you’re dealing with athletes and professional athletes, you have to know when to push them, so they will push themselves in games, but knowing when to change things up is important too. I’m fortunate to have the background of an athlete to better understand what my clients might be dealing with.

What is it about training that you love? Is there a moment that comes to mind that illustrates why you do what you do?

On the professional side, I think my biggest joy comes from seeing players’ make it 6, 7, 8 years in the league even when people & scouts thought they wouldn’t make it at all. That’s what makes me happy because it shows that dedication to their craft, persistence, and hard work can make such a difference. On the personal training side, seeing the joy on others’ faces when they see results makes it all worth it.

One of your main focuses is working with young athletes. What are some things that parents and young people can focus on in order to keep them motivated?

I think a change of pace can benefit young athletes sometimes. Routine drives success but it can get old. Adding fun ways to change things up can keep young athletes interested. I think the fact that they see professional athletes doing the exact same workouts as them also motivates them. “If that person is doing the same stuff as me, I might be in their position one day if I keep this up.”

Your job is to help others lead a healthy lifestyle, but how do you keep yourself and your family healthy and happy?

Family time is important to us. I have to find a balance to make sure I’m spending time with family but also giving my athletes the time that they need as well. My kids are very active in sports. We attend their functions and cheer them on but most importantly we lead by example. My wife and I have active lives and stay hydrated and pursue healthy living.

Has drinking evamor improved your performance or recovery during or after work outs?

The evamor bottles and taste have actually helped me become a water lover. The bottle is big enough to ensure I’m drinking a lot of water, and it helps so I don’t leave it places by accident like I do with most bottles. A cold evamor after a hot summer field workout is the cure to any and everything.

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