Morning Greens Smoothie with evamor Lemon Water Ice Cubes

Ready to start your day off the right way? This morning greens smoothie recipe made with evamor lemon water ice cubes is the perfect solution. It can help you make a healthy breakfast choice and set you up for success for the rest of the day.

January 15, 2021

evamor Q&A Sessions – Robin Barnes

Robin Barnes is a busy woman. Not only is she an accomplished and talented crossover contemporary jazz singer, but she’s also community fitness leader, New Orleans influencer and ambassador, a mother, and one of the most positive people you will ever meet. After encountering health issues, Robin vowed to take control of her health and […]

December 30, 2020

evamor Q&A Sessions – Becky Fos

We had a chance to ask Becky Fos a few questions about her work as an artist and her drive to live a healthy lifestyle.

December 18, 2020

3 Reasons To Choose evamor Artesian Alkaline Water

The advantages of staying well hydrated on a daily basis are already well documented, but with an overly-saturated water market, it’s difficult to choose one water brand. So what makes us different, you ask? Read on to find out.

December 18, 2020

How And Where To Buy evamor Alkaline Water

Our bottles are popping up in more and more stores, and this information should help you pinpoint the easiest way to find evamor so you can get hydrating.

December 17, 2020

3-Ingredient Low-Calorie evamor Holiday Citrus Cocktail

Add a refreshing twist to your next cocktail with evamor natural artesian water. This citrus-tini style cocktail is a delicious low-calorie option and is chilled with alkaline water ice cups.

November 24, 2020

Calculating Your Daily Water Intake Need

We all know that drinking the needed amount of water per day to stay hydrated is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, but with so much information out there, knowing exactly your daily target water intake can be confusing. Recommendations change depending on your gender, size, age, activity level and of course, the […]

October 22, 2020

Think Twice. Act Once. How to be More Mindful in Your Everyday

For those of you who have ever tried meditation, but just could not turn it into a daily habit, you probably found that your inner voice just wouldn’t shut up! We call that “meddlesome meditation”

June 28, 2018


We have put together a few simpleSummer-to-School transition tips, inspired by PBS, to help your family’s transition from Summertime to school time as cool as a dip in the pool! Reset your healthy eating habits. Summertime, for many, means a break from normal meals. Ice cream afternoons, soda, chips with every meal, backyard burgers…The arrival of […]

August 6, 2017

Dr. Aviv’s Acid Watcher Watermelon Salad

Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy fresh, juicy, deliciously hydrating watermelon, and though it’s great when enjoyed by the slice, we love the complex flavors of this alkalizing take on a Caprese salad. Dr. Aviv says that watermelon has one of the largest concentrations of LYCOPENES, which are a powerful yet natural anti-inflammatory agent. […]

August 3, 2017
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